The Awesome Your Summer Could Be Like

Epic fun-having

Hello readers, look at your tv screen, now back to the picture, now back at the screen, now back to the picture. Sadly you aren’t a camper but if you stopped staring at that blathering array of colored pixels and came to family camp you could be like those campers. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with a paddle like the camper you could be having fun like. What’s that in your hand? back at the post. I have it, it’s a mess-kit with a heaping serving of those s’mores you love. Look again, those s’mores are now Love. Anything is possible when you’re at camp adventuring and not on the couch. This camper is on a horse.
On a horse

Live like a camper, camper. Enroll for next summer now at Crystal Lake Camps.

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  1. I love that previous campers have until October 1 to re-enroll and save $. This is great. Thank you all for your hard work with the campers!

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