Spies, ninjas and Bible scholars

Ok, ok so we fell behind on blog posts lately. Our bad! BUT we have something to make up for it. As you know, one of our newest classes this summer was Stop Motion Animation. The classes of sessions 2 and 3 produced some QUALITY animations. Superhuman feats were achieved in these movies, including emerging out of water completely dry, flying, and disappearing in thin air. See for yourself…!

In other news, camp hosted its first-ever East Coast Bible Conference in August! This was a conference put on by Bible Study Seminars. Three days of diving into various books of the Bible with Bible scholars, in-depth discussions, music, videos, and lots of good conversations with new friends was a refreshing spiritual oasis. See photos below.

And coming soon – keep your eyes peeled for a flyer about our fantabulous Harvest and Volunteer weekends in October!


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