In grateful tribute to Liz Hall, Executive Director of Crystal Lake Camps

In grateful tribute to Liz Hall, Executive Director Crystal Lake Camps, 2006-2011

 Dear Liz,

Your love of Camp, your constant quiet generosity, and your willingness to do whatever needed to be done have been an inspiration to us all.

With your strong business background, you have brought order and transparency to CLC’s finances, while your outstanding work in securing foundation grants has helped keep Camp going these past five years.

We thank you for your warm hospitality in opening your beautiful home to meetings of the Board and for providing overnight accommodations for Trustees coming from a distance.  The lunches you prepared for the Board meetings were always a treat, too.

We gratefully acknowledge your participation in and your thorough preparation for these meetings and for keeping Board Members informed and productive through regular reports, financial spreadsheets, business plans, and proposals for improvements.

We will not soon forget the summer of 2010 when you became “Executive Chef,” moving to Camp for the summer and cooking three delicious meals each day for campers and staff because a suitable Kitchen Manager could not be located.

In everything, you set a standard of love, care, attention and service for which we are immeasurably grateful.

We love you.  We thank you.  We will miss you, Liz!

The CLC Board of Trustees
Art, Bonnie, Dan, Gail, Hal, Janet, Peter, Rex, and Ron

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4 Comments on “In grateful tribute to Liz Hall, Executive Director of Crystal Lake Camps”

  1. Thanks Liz for all of your selfless efforts!
    It has been fun getting to know you over the past years. I remember all of the countless nights watching you study the “Joy of Cooking” and creating beautiful menus for the entire camp. I am grateful to you for introducing me to “Blushing Bunny”.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!


  2. I, Aquabeard, completely agree with Natious, Liz. I felt that the summer of 2010, as the board mentioned, was so so special for us to have such a big treat to have you as our cook and to also see you give so much more of yourself to the camp than could have ever been imagined, and I think we were all immensely grateful! I wish you well and can’t have told you in the short time that I knew you, possibly like others, that you were a person who gave an incredibly amount and beyond that to a very special camp, so you were basically one of its foundations. All the best, Ryan Charlston. (not sure that you’ll read this too, but just in case)

  3. Liz I think I met you very briefly in the kitchen the day I brought my son to camp last year. I had no idea you were “filling in” as Executive Chef for the camp in your many roles. Thank you for all your loving contributions to this camp. It has made such a difference in my 11 year old son’s life. Camp keeps him in Science and makes it practical and real for him. He learned how to read the Bible Lesson, and that leaning on prayer and God was natural and normal. He still is going to Sunday School and we will be at Camp again this year! Thank you for your dedication and love of young blossoming Christian Scientists.

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