“Wear Your Clan to Work/School Day” proves epic…the results are in

For those of you who may not have been following Facebook last week, on Friday, March 3, CLC held their first Wear Your Clan to Work/School Day online event.  Participants wore their clan shirts and then posted a photo of themselves on Facebook to represent their clan with pride.  From dogs dressed as bears, pies carved into turkeys, to stunt videos, and multiple countries and states represented – in true CLC fashion, it was epic!! (As the photos prove) —>


So do you want to know the results?

It was soooo close (really)…….




………………………………..ok, ok

…Turkeys and Wolves tied bringing up the rear, the Turtles pulled ahead with 2 points, and the Bears lead the pack as the most well-represented clan.  Well done everyone!!

Get ready for the next Wear Your Clan event coming in the fall! The tables may turn…

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4 Comments on ““Wear Your Clan to Work/School Day” proves epic…the results are in”

  1. It distresses me greatly that my family failed to get our pic online in time. Particularly since that would have meant 2 more wolves and 2 more turkeys! That would have meant a 3-way tie for second! Next year…

  2. Bears. I would like to declare an indefinite state of party time.
    You’re welcome to participate. Please do a little dancing, maybe a fist pump, and generally enjoy the day a bit.

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