NEW SERIES: Building Blocks of Healing

I don’t know about you, but I really like reading the testimonies of healing at the back of each Sentinel. They’re encouraging – “If they can do it, I can”, I think to myself. If God’s laws are operating for them, then of course they are operating in my life too.  And one of the coolest things about having healings or learning something new about God is that it doesn’t stop there. These healings are building blocks to stand on and keep going!

In this week’s lesson Mary Baker Eddy writes about how Moses’ experience with his rod turning into a snake was a healing which strengthened his convictions. In marker 7 she writes: “Matter was shown to be a belief only. The serpent, evil, under wisdom’s bidding, was destroyed through understanding Divine Science, and this proof was a staff upon which to lean.” After proving the snake to be harmless, Moses then had the courage to go to Pharaoh and tell him off!  And then he parted the Red Sea, and then led the children of Egypt through the desert, and then….it goes on.

In a new ongoing series on our blog called “Building Blocks of Healing” we are highlighting campers’, staffs’, and alumni’s healing experiences that have happened at camp, and how these spiritual truths have continued to bless and impact them after camp and beyond.  Ginger Mack  kicked off the series last month, with an article about playing World Cup Soccer (click here to read) and the lessons she learned about team-playing that stayed with her when working on a church project later.

This week, Elodie Reed, who worked as a riding instructor at Crystal Lake in 2010 writes about how she relied on spiritual intuition instead of human logic to resolve a midnight problem with the horses in the paddock.  She says, “This experience was one of the big stepping-stones for me down the path that, today, has led me to a more complete understanding and acceptance of God being the only cause, with man being the effect, the reflection of God.”  Read her article on here!

What did you learn at camp  that is still with you today? Have you had a healing or a new understanding of a spiritual idea that you’re still thinking about today? Tell us your story! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, or published –  in fact you can call me directly and just tell me your story over the phone (877-CLC-KIDS). Or, shoot me an email: Hope to hear from you soon!

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