Hear ye, Hear ye: this summer’s metaphysical theme

Every summer campers and staff focus their prayers with a metaphysical theme.  It is posted in the Alford Dining Hall, expanded upon during morning assemblies, and discussed throughout the summer. This year our theme is:

“The one Ego, the one Mind or Spirit called God, is infinite individuality…” Science and Health 281:14

Let’s celebrate the individuality of every child, counselor and staff member this summer!  The word “infinite” really stood out to us year-round staff as an affirmation of how expansive God’s ideas – His children are.  If God, Ego, is infinite individuality, then it follows that His children reflect unlimited qualities.  That means two things: that we can celebrate our diversity because God made us each unique, and that each one of us has the right to know and see just how unlimited and infinite our individuality is.

For example, if I am knowing that I inherit all of God’s qualities, then I don’t have to buy into the suggestion that I’m only good at arts and crafts, and really don’t have any ability to play soccer.  No! I deserve to see more of my “infinite individuality” than that. If God is Life, then I must express energy, teamwork and endurance.  Just because I don’t think I can, or don’t see that side of myself yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!  And camp, with its many activities and adventures, is such a supportive place for me to practice cherishing and demonstrating my infinitude.

What a wonderful way to lay the foundation for another adventure-filled summer with new friends – to know without a doubt that all of us, as unique ideas of Divine Love, can and do express our individuality completely.

What does this metaphysical theme mean to you? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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2 Comments on “Hear ye, Hear ye: this summer’s metaphysical theme”

  1. Love the theme! I gotta agree, the concept of infinity is wonderful! I know I kept played this like a broken record last summer, the theme reminds me of the quote: “God’s being is infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss”. Love the idea of infinite movement within God!

  2. I have already had a demonstration of taking my ego out of the way, and letting the one Mind or Ego take over in regards to this summer. There is a position here at camp I felt I was suited quite well for. I thought it was the perfect place for me, because it fit everything that I was looking for and I thought I had a lot to give to it as well. It was exactly at the edge of my comfort zone, a perfect place to put me. Since last summer I had been speaking about this position with the director, and whether or not it was a good fit for me. Everything seemed to point to me getting that position, until we sat down to finally discuss it. It turned out the position that I wanted wasn’t necessarily the place that I would be most useful. I had a hard time dealing with this, most likely because of my ego. It wasn’t what I wanted, I knew I could do a good job in that position, why should it go to someone else and not me? These were just some of the discouraging thoughts that came up while I was “thinking it over” before coming to a final decision. The position that I was asked to fill was a fine position. It wasn’t something I was completely interested in at the time, because I had my heart so set on this other position. While I had time to think about this, we also had to complete our workday. We had a meeting that started out with some spiritual readings. The person bringing the readings had actually forgotten it was her turn to bring them, so she just pulled something out that she had been working on before. It was amazing how relevant her readings were to me, even though she had no idea what was going on in my head! They talked about getting yourself, your own human will out of the way to allow for God’s harmony to come into place. It made me think about how I was forcing myself into the position I wanted when it wasn’t necessarily the right place for me. I wouldn’t be out of my comfort zone if I had the job I wanted, but this other position that I was asked to fulfill would be more challenging in many different ways. I would be using different aspects of my “camp” abilities then I usually would. I would be able to grow in ways that I had wanted to grow! When I thought about what I wanted to get out of camp this summer it turned out that the job the director wanted for me was going to give me more of what I wanted than the job I wanted for myself! I could only see that when I got my own personal opinions about what job I thought was best for me out of the way, and let the correct one Ego take over.

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