Building Blocks of Healing Series: Lost and Found on the Waterfront

This healing happened at camp years and years ago, but it has been an important marker in my thought of the importance of trusting the effectiveness of prayer.

Abby is third from the left, in front

It was the first year I was in Nikahu, and I was enjoying digging deeper in my study of Christian Science and being more regular in prayer. There was a girl in my cabin named Lucy. After 5th period one day we were in the cabin getting ready for dinner when she suddenly realized her ring, which was special because it had been given to her by her dad, was missing. After searching frantically for it, Lucy concluded in kind of a panic that she had picked up her towel at the waterfront (where she had been 5th period) and the ring had flown off it somewhere into the grass.

I immediately calmed her fear and said I’d help her go look for it. All the way over I prayed very simply to feel God’s love guiding us just where we needed to be. When we got to the waterfront, I asked Lucy where she had been sitting, and she waved her arms over kind of an enormous area and said she had been somewhere around there. She began at once to bend over and look up and down the lawn in front of the lake, but I just continued to stand there for a moment more, acknowledging that Mind knows all and would guide accurately and directly.  After this quiet acknowledgment I took a couple of steps, looked down, and picked up the ring, which was exactly at my feet.

Lucy was of course overjoyed to have her ring back, but I felt a different kind of joy knowing that I really could rely on God and not chance or luck or excessive human effort to meet my needs and the needs of my friends.

– Abby (Winland) Hillman

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