News from the CLC Board of Trustees

On Saturday, April 21, the CLC Board of Trustees met at Tenacre in Princeton, NJ, for their spring meeting. With dogwoods and azaleas scattered across that facility’s 66 park-like acres, the setting was ideal, and comfortable overnight accommodations were available for the Board members coming from a distance.

Among other items of business, the Board approved a change in Tim Holzworth’s title from Assistant Director to Camp Director. Nathan Bowen, Executive Director, recommended this change in recognition of the work that Tim has been doing.  Nathan will continue to be at camp and actively involved during the summer camp session, but explained that this change in title for Tim explains more clearly the role he has been filling and will continue to fill at CLC.  Please join us in congratulations to Tim.

The Board also elected Wendy Landry of Orlando, FL, to fill a vacancy on the Board. Wendy, a professional architect, has for several years pursued a path of “green” architecture exclusively in her own consulting firm and as the manager of the local office of a national green building consulting firm.  She brings to the Board a strong business background, lots of experience organizing and presenting information clearly, a deep love and active practice of Christian Science, and the perspective of a current CLC parent.  The other members of the Board look forward to Wendy’s participation.

There was also a candid discussion of the Camp’s finances, led by Treasurer, Art Morath, and Finance Committee Chair, Ron McEntire.  The Board agreed on an ambitious $200,000 fundraising goal for the spring and summer, through the end of this fiscal year (September 30, 2012). This amount will lessen or eliminate CLC’s need to use its line of credit next winter, and will provide needed support in making the monthly mortgage payments. Click here if you would like to make a contribution toward this goal.

In his report Nathan announced that, like a number of other organizations serving the Christian Science community, CLC is now working with a group of practitioners who have volunteered their service, a month at a time, to support the work of CLC through prayer. This support, much appreciated by the Board and staff, is in addition to their daily prayers and the prayers of all who love and appreciate the work of this wonderful institution.

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