Celebrations of Anna

Anna, skiing last winter

Dear Alumni & Friends of Crystal Lake Camps:

As most of you now know, Anna Alford, an integral part of CLC for over 50 years, passed on last Wednesday, May 9th. We thank you all for your many kind words and prayers for her, her family, and the camp in this time.

Memorial Website, Fund & Services
In upcoming days a page on Crystal Lake Camps’ website will be opened for you to contribute tributes and memories of Anna. Over many years Anna shared much wisdom, intuition, and a lot of fun stories with all of us who were fortunate to know her. We feel this web page may be the best way to collect all that she shared for future generations of friends and CLC campers. Until that page is live, please feel welcome to add to the reminiscences on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/crystallakecamps.

Working closely with Anna’s mother, Dottie, the camp has established the Anna Alford Memorial Fund to financially support international Christian Science children to attend CLC’s summer camp programs. In lieu of flowers, we encourage gifts made in Anna’s memory to go to this fund to support a cause near and dear to Anna’s heart. All funds contributed in Anna’s name will support directly the many campers that CLC hosts from beyond the borders of the USA. Donations can be sent to the camp directly by check, or via credit card on our website. Please notify us if you’re donating in her name, either by a notation in the ‘comments’ field when you submit your credit card information, or through an email to the camp at camp@crystallakecamps.org.

The CLC Alumni Association will be hosting the 2012 Alumni Reunion at camp over the Columbus Day weekend, October 5-8, 2012. Part of the reunion will include a memorial for Anna. Dottie will be working closely with the Alumni Association on this memorial. To attend the reunion, please register by going to http://tiny.cc/clcalumregister. If attending this event is not feasible, but you still want to contribute, you can make a donation in lieu of travel costs to the Anna Alford Memorial Fund.

On Saturday June 9th at 11am, there will be a service held at the McCarty-Thomas Funeral Home in Hughesville, geared primarily for the many friends of Anna’s from the local Hughesville & Williamsport areas.

On a more personal note, just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting and talking at length with Anna about some of the deeper meanings of one of her favorite hymns, #66 from the Christian Science Hymnal. In particular, we were enjoying verses two and three,

“Thou, Soul, inspiring – give us vision clear,
Break earth-bound fetters, sweep away the veil,
Show the new heaven and earth that shall prevail.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

O perfect Life, in Thy completeness held,
None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray;
Safe in Thy Love, we live and sing alway
Alleluia! Alleluia!”

There is no question that Anna really knew how to live and sing! She truly lived life fully, shared and sang in its joys, and gave gratitude for all the good she witnessed. Join with us at Crystal Lake Camps as we celebrate Anna. In so many ways she was a great advocate in all of our lives to “sweep away” whatever veiled our own clear thinking. She continues to be a blessing and inspiration to us all!

With great love and gratitude,
Nathan Bowen, Executive Director

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