Banquet themes – PEOPLE’S CHOICE!

This year we want YOU to give suggestions on banquet theme ideas! Click on the “comments” section below and give us your best ideas on what kinds of banquets we should have this summer, or visit our Facebook page to add them there and see what others are posting:  

Superheroes? Jungle-land? Men in Black? The sky’s the limit – suggest as many as you like!

Get your ideas in by next Monday, May 28.  After that, a new blog post will give you a chance to vote on which suggestions you like best to determine the FINAL 3 Banquet themes!

* Top 10 suggestions will be determined by CLC staff and posted to the next blog to be voted on by you!

In other news, Volunteer Weekend 2012 was a great weekend of fun in the sun, with over 250 hours of work completed by a hearty group of helpers. It’s really starting to look like camp now that the floats are out, the teepees are up, horses are returning, and it’s even warm enough for a quick (brr!) swim. See for yourself…


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