1st Session is now officially under way…

We have had a FANTASTIC day here at Crystal Lake Camps!  Families began dropping youngsters off just past noon and the final camper arrived shortly after 5:00 pm.  It was so inspiring to see the excitement and joy on each and every camper’s face as they met their cabin counselors and fellow cabin mates, explored camp to see what had changed over the past year (or to get to know it for the first time), and began settling into the camp swing of things.

Tomorrow, campers will participate in an activities fair, during which they will hear about which activities will be offered this summer and have the opportunity to sign up for activities for their free periods.  At tomorrow evening’s picnic dinner, new campers will be placed in one of CLC’s four clans (bear, wolf, turkey, turtle).  Tomorrow night all will join at the Council Fire (a longstanding camp tradition) to compete for their clans, sing songs, and hear the story of how the clans and Crystal Lake came to be.

As of this writing, campers are asleep in their bunks, tuckered out from a long day of travel, swimming and / or riding, playing gaga before dinner, and lots of laughter.

We are so grateful for the harmony experienced by all today and look forward to an equally active and joyful day tomorrow.  Thank you all for your love and prayers of support! Check in tomorrow to hear which activities 1st Session campers will enjoy and which clans cheered loudest and which competed hardest at the Council Fire.

Goodnight all!

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