“Sunday” Monday

This session keeps getting better and better!  We thought it would be great to share with you all some of the gratitude expressed by staff members during our evening meeting held just before dinner.  So many people shared wonderfully uplifting comments about funny moments with campers, demonstrations of growth already witnessed, and the ease with which this session is progressing.  One staff member noted that all of the cabin units seem to have bonded tightly already.  Another shared gratitude for an illuminating Sunday School class this morning.  Still others gave thanks for the support offered by fellow staff members as we get comfortable with teaching our classes this summer.  Several staff members commented on the campers’ enthusiasm during classes today and the joy that brought to teaching.  The gratitude could have gone on and on and on…

This morning we had a joint flag raising, and after breakfast, Sunday School and CS book-marking in Alford Hall.  This afternoon proceeded as a normal weekday would, with two session-long classes and one free period where campers are allowed to choose a different activity every day.

This evening’s activity was the traditional BARN DANCE with an extensive hayride!! It was a super goofy party with tons of dances including the Macarena, Cotton-Eyed Joe and the Virginia Reel.  Leslie Hobbs, our amazing office manager, says it was a “resounding success” and that everyone was very enthusiastic.  Camp Director Tim Holzworth and boys’ camp counselor Brad Brubaker, this evening’s barn dance hosts, played long-lost backwoods brothers “Dwayne” and “Hubert” with over the top antics.  The stand-out costume was “Becky May” (girls’ camp counselor Becca DeNicholas).

We certainly have been blessed with a wonderful group of 1st Session campers!  We’re working on getting some photos of this session compiled to add to this blog, so check back soon…

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