Welcome to Week 2!

Goodness gracious, it’s been a while since the last update from camp!  How time flies when you’re having fun…

Have you been wondering what you’ve missed out on?  The main event of the past several days has been overnights; Kiya, Seneca, Nikahu and Norman took off on their hikes on Thursday, about midday, and returned on Saturday with bright eyes and shining faces (and slightly stinky, but that’s to be expected).  Everyone was super excited for the Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the kitchen crew, and for a fun overnight debrief, Wheel of Fortune-style.

It was fantastic to hear how harmonious everyone’s overnights were, and how upbeat and helpful all of the campers were!  Some of the counselors even commented that this past overnight was the best one they had ever been on (and some of these counselors have been here for a looong time)!  It just goes to show what a grand group of campers we have this session.

It’s amazing that we’re moving into our second week of camp – things have happened so quickly and it’s sad to think that in a week’s time we’ll have to say goodbye to all (well, most) of our new friends.

Fortunately, there is still so much fun in store for this week 🙂  The upcoming highlights: Vespers, separate camp testimony meetings, an exuberant all-day 4th of July celebration (including fireworks and bonfire), and, on our final night of 1st Session, a Giant Rainforest banquet / talent show.

In other news, we have a National Leadership Council class visiting this week; they will mostly be doing their own activities, but will join us for most meals and also for the 4th of July party.  We are very honored and excited to have them!

Sorry again for the few days of radio silence, but we’re back on track so please check back regularly…Goodnight 🙂

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