The cultural exchange continues – welcoming Amish families to family camp this summer!

We are having a FUN raising!

Camp is inviting our extended camp family of Amish friends from Lancaster and Perry Counties to family camp this year.

These families have opened their farms and lives to our CITs (Counselors in Training) for over seven years. Camp is returning the favor by inviting these families to family camp for a couple of days.

Fun for the Amish is:  family time, helping others, and living a simple Christian life.

Camp has all of these elements – a place for families to be together, a work project of adding a deck to Weape and the time to enjoy the beauty and bounty of God’s handiwork at camp.

You are invited to join in the FUN! Come to family camp yourself, or help to sponsor an Amish family.  Let the Amish feel the appreciation of our camp family.

This is a non-budgeted camp activity. So, we are asking for your support to make this happen.

Here are some suggestions you might consider in supporting this project:

$35 covers a family’s meals for a day

$125 will provide transportation for a family

$250 will cover all expenses for one family’s trip and some materials for the deck

$2,500 will cover materials for the deck

In appreciation for your support everyone contributing will get an illustrated report of the visit.  Those contributing above $250 will receive a report and an Amish cookbook.

To make a contributions, please visit our PayPal page here, or send checks to : 1676 Crystal Lake Rd. Hughesville, PA 17737

With gratitude for your help in making this happen,


A short video of the Amish – CIT exchange program:

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  1. What a great idea! I just sent a donation…with lots of love.
    One small suggestion…make it easier to donate by including more info in the blog on where to send our donations.

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