Well, the time has come…

…to once again say goodbye to an amazing and inspiring group of campers (and this time to much of the staff, as well). 🙁

This afternoon everyone began packing up to head home tomorrow. We couldn’t have a much cheerier day, however, to be preparing to say our farewells. The sun came out bright and early this morning and there’s not even the slightest threat of a thunderstorm. Yesterday we had our final afternoon classes and our morning classes finished today. The growth we’ve witnessed in each and every camper (both in and out of classes) has been truly outstanding! It’s hard to believe that three sessions and a whole summer have gone by so quickly, and yet it feels as though we’ve been here a lifetime.

Last night we had a beautiful and emotional final Council Fire, where the focus was more on reflecting on our experiences and growth this summer than winning games for our clans. We ended Council Fire in a large circle, arm in arm, singing Symbol of Serenity (the camp song), Taps, and Hymn #1. Many tears were shed as we all walked silently back to our cabins to spend the rest of the evening until morning wake-up in contemplative silence and gratitude.

This evening we are celebrating the session with a Hawaiian luau-style Banquet on the waterfront. We’ll have games, a ukulele concert during dinner, and time to simply relax and chat with friends before we head back to Alford Hall for the slideshow. It will be a bittersweet celebration, with everyone sad to be leaving camp and their friends, but we know that God’s goodness is not tied to any one location and that many blessings are in store for everyone this year at home. And we already can’t wait to see everyone next summer!

p.s. We’d like to congratulate the lifeguard training class on all successfully passing the course yesterday! They spent many long hours reviewing course materials and practicing skills (rain or shine) down at the lake. They are such a strong, intelligent, and caring group and we can’t wait to have them lifeguarding at the waterfront in years to come 🙂

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2 Comments on “Well, the time has come…”

  1. Oh my, i’m in tears just reading the blog. I understand how special last night must have been for the campers. Tonight’s luau will be a blast. I can hardly wait to pick up my 2 kids in the morning and have them recount everything on our car ride home like they did last year. The CLC camp experience is both special and inspiring. Thank you for these past 2 weeks.

  2. This post captures the flavor of the camp family and experience, as I remember it from so many years ago. I can see the torches, the fire, and hear the sweet melody of “Symbol of Serenity.” Much love to all the campers and the staff.

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