“What does camp mean to you?” – from Elizabeth Hull

This month Elizabeth Hull, a camper in the oldest cabin last summer, shares excerpts form a letter she wrote to us after camp.  

How would you answer the question “What does camp mean to you”? (send us your thoughts to camp@crystallakecamps.org or post them in the comments section below!) 


The main reason I love camp is because of the sense of freedom not just me but other people seem to show signs of.  I feel like I can be the wild and crazy person everyone has in them and not be judged.  There are not that many place in this world where you can break free.

Elizabeth (4th from left) with her cabin this summer

Elizabeth (4th from left) with her cabin this summer

Our unity as a camp is incredible to me.  Our brotherhood and sisterhood is fascinating to look at from the outside in.  There’s so much love, laughter and happiness, all qualities of God shared.  These people have influenced and inspired me in their own different ways.

Every year getting used to home life [after camp] is not an easy transition.  I’m still trying to adjust.  What’s helping me get through it is what they said in the last morning assembly, it’s in Science and Health, page 57:18: “Happiness is spiritual born of Truth and Love.  It is unselfish, therefore it cannot exist alone.” I like that idea they shared that you can have the same happiness you have at camp at home because it is spiritual.

Memories from camp are immortal in my mind. I laugh when I hear “Call Me Maybe” remembering the LTs’ dance.  Whenever I listen to Coldplay’s music I think of Tory and her love for the band.  Whenever I see a Sysco truck drive by, I think about the scrumptious food we eat.  I think of the brighter stars I looked up to two years ago during candle lighting when I see the stars at home.  (Side note: Pennsylvania stars put Virginia’s stars to shame.) All the memories good or bad will always be written in my heart.

Crystal Lake Camps has made my life brighter.  It gets me away from all the drama or whatever at home.  It gives me a chance to get closer to God and myself.


Elizabeth Hull

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