A vacation for the whole family!

Did you know? Family Camp is a vacation for the whole family! Leave the chores and cooking to us, and spend a week trying new activities, making new friends, and spending quality time with your family.  Join us for all or part of it, August 5-11 this year!


Here’s what a long-time Family Camper has to say about her experience….

“Having spent my early years on a farm, I never got to go to summer camp as a child. But, there are lots of ways to nurture our child-like-ness, and I’ve found Family Camp at Crystal Lake held each August in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, to be one of the best!

No matter that I’m many years past youth camp age.  Though I had little idea what to expect the first year I went, I’m sure I was just as excited as I’d have been at ten!

As the paved road turned into dirt, and we headed up, up, up the mountain–going deeper into the shaded cool woods with the birds calling and the sunlight glinting through the trees, I could literally feel the concerns of my everyday life start to fall away behind me.  Down went the windows to let in more of that fresh, country air. Ah….I was already in heaven and we hadn’t even come to the Crystal Lake Camp gate!  (I guess you can take the girl off the farm, but maybe you can’t ever take the farm out of the girl!)

What I found that first summer was wonderful, and it has brought me back to Crystal Lake Family Camp ever since.  Yes, I found the accommodations comfortable and I slept magnificently in the cool August nights (August is NEVER cool where I live the rest of the year!)  Yes, the food was delicious, and IMG_2994particularly so because someone else was so lovingly preparing it!  Yes, the Crystal Lake is delightfully cool and refreshing for an afternoon (or early morning, or evening) swim, and the Susquehanna River is an amazing adventure both in and out of the canoes…and yes, there is ALWAYS something fun or interesting or challenging to do, and someone to do it with.  But, there’s also the space to take a silent walk down a mossy path in the woods, as well as plenty of time and space to do absolutely nothing at all!

What I have come to look forward to most each year, however, is spending a week with the joyful, prayerful, energetic and interesting folks at Family Camp—both staff and families—all people living their love of and relationship with God.  All willing to share their love and support and child-like-ness….willing to stretch on the ropes course, or teach something they love, willing to play, to sing or dance—free to have fun with anyone nearby!

Like I said, Crystal Lake Camps is the best!  It’s a great place to go in the summer, but also a lovely, tranquil place to go–in thought–any time of the year.  Hope to see you there!”

– Heather Woodman, Family Camper since 2010

Heather Woodman is a long-time Family Camp attendee. For the last 3 years she has been coming to camp as a chaperone for Rainbow Valley Ranch (RVR), a not-for-profit charitable organization established to support those labeled as developmentally challenged, whose parents and/or legal guardians have chosen to practice Christian Science.  This summer RVR is holding an anniversary program at their old property in upstate NY and will not be attending Family Camp at CLC, although they anticipate returning to CLC next year.  Heather, as well as other RVR participants, continue to be close supporters and friends of Crystal Lake.

For FAQ and to sign up for Family Camp click here!

Or for more information call 570-584-5608 or email camp@crystallakecamps.org

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