Welcome to Camp!

Summer of 2013 has just begun and the first session is already full of firsts. New friends, activities, staff, and campers have brought a sparkling light to the CLC grounds. The echo of laughter, cheers, and splashing waves has rejuvenated the peaceful grounds with a buoyant energy. After a Monday morning Sunday School session, the campers are all headed off to their, third, fourth, and fifth period classes such as swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery, mountain biking, rock climbing, and pottery. Last night was the first Council Fire of the session. All of the newcomers were sorted into one of the four clans where they joined their fellow Turkeys, Turtles, Bears, or Wolves to play games such as tug of war and hear the stories of early tribes. The air is full of warmth from both the sun and the love between everyone here. There’s a fun filled week ahead starting with the Barn Dance tonight where campers and staff alike will come together to cowboy-up and do-si-do to their favorite country tunes. So stay tuned, there’s much more on the way!

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