First Full Day of Classes!

Today is the first full day of classes and so far it has been full of excitement. After a darn tootin’ good barn dance last night, complete with dancing, games and hay rides, the camp awoke to a beautiful clear day. This morning, many campers had their first horseback riding and swimming lessons and the LTs did their annual walk through Catfish (the CLC swamp). Pictures of the class activities and the muddy LT bunch should appear on the camp website soon. A big thanks goes out to those in the Worker Program who have accomplished a remarkable around of renovations and cleanup in the past few days. Clean dogs are roaming the property thanks to the impromptu “Dog Washing” 5th period class yesterday afternoon and the camp is full of music thanks to the singing class and the 5th period “Beatboxing” class. Everyone is already excited for cookouts tonight, where each cabin will make their own meal on the fire and eat together out on the beautiful CLC grounds. Our own personal nature extraordinaire and boy’s head counselor, Mark, has been providing the camp with a “nature thought for the day” and a better understanding of the flora and fauna found on the camp property. A night of bonding and cabin fun awaits the campers and counselors this evening.

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  1. I’d like to take credit — properly, I think — for initiating that catfish swamp walk. Not for the LTs, but I had a Swampmuckers Club back in my nature counselor days — late 1960s! In fact, little Anna Alford went on my second trip through the swamp that summer in her new saddle shoes, after which swampmucking was banned for the season! Twas a glorious adventure!!

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