Talent Show Night

The final day of classes is tomorrow?! Where has the session gone? Everyone is enjoying the second to last full day of classes and working hard to achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the session. The boys played a muddy game of 8-sticks last night while the girls had a pajama party in the lodge with s’mores and some impromptu ukelele music. The competition for the Cabin Excellence Award is getting intense and the head counselors are cracking down on Kapers evaluations. Kapers, for those who don’t know, are a set of cabin housekeeping responsibilities that are divided up equally between the campers and rotated daily. Completing Kapers and going beyond expectations, in both cleaning and cabin bonding, gives one boy cabin and one girl cabin the chance to be the MOST EXCELLENT CABIN! Tonight is the talent show and our bunch is full of talent, from singers to dancers to beat boxers.

Stay tuned for our “Prayer’s for the World” post, inspired by yesterday morning’s assembly on how to pray for the world. After this assembly, a chalk board was placed in the Dining Hall for campers and staff to write down their thoughts and prayers for the rest of the world. These will be posted tomorrow, once everyone has a chance to get their ideas out.

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