Last Day of Classes :(

Today is the final day of classes and everyone is super excited to have the best day yet! The At the Talent Show last night, we saw some amazing and unexpected talents from many of our friends. Along with singing and dance, there were multiple skits and instrumental performances that roused a standing ovation. I know I promised to post the “Prayers for the World,” but there have been constant additions and I don’t want to miss anyone’s contribution. So, tomorrow, I will hopefully have the final product.

The sun is trying its hardest to break through the clouds and give us a warm and dry last day of classes, but the clouds aren’t stopping the fun! The LTs are setting up for tomorrow’s 4th of July celebration, excited shouts can be heard from the swim classes, the Rocks Climbing Extravaganza class gets ready to do the high ropes course this afternoon, Archery students strive to get the ranking they’ve been working toward, and so much more. The banquet is tomorrow evening and our Art Director has been working intensely on preparations for the On the Moon/Outer Space themed finale. No one wants the session to come to an end, but there is a clear joy in the air for new friendships, challenges overcome, and a fantastic 2 weeks.

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