Day Before Overnights

Today is the last day of classes before overnights. Tomorrow afternoon, each cabin (or separately for Trail Blazers and Hands on Horsemanship) will head off for two nights of bonding time and outdoor activities. Our trip director has been deep in planning and everyone is starting to get pumped. Last night, each cabin had the chance to spend the evening together to work on getting to know each other and have some fun. All of the LTs returned bright and early this morning from their “solo” overnights. Tonight is the joint testimony meeting and tomorrow we all head out! For now, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

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4 Comments on “Day Before Overnights”

    1. Hi Pam, we just realized that our Session 2 photos were mis-labeled as Session 3. We are working on correcting this now. Please forgive our oversight. The photos are there, they just are under the wrong title.

    1. Our photographer, who is also our trips director, was in the process of correcting the photos online today, when the kiddos started arriving back from their trips, so the project is on pause again until tonight, after we get the overnight groups settled back into camp. If you check back tomorrow morning I’m sure we’ll have it fixed!

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