So Much Excitement

With all of the cabins back from overnights, things have been very exciting around camp. Yesterday was World Cup Soccer Day and our very own Spain, Brazil, Germany, Ghana, Denmark, and Japan faced off in some friendly games to compete for the CLC World Cup! Japan and Spain made it to the finals where Japan took the gold. Brazil also won an award for the most team spirit and 5 campers were recognized for their loving and positive attitude throughout the day. For the half time show, everyone gathered around some of our finest CLC rock stars who gave the teams a break to dance and sing along. Hopefully this performance inspired many others to reveal their hidden talents for the Talent Show tonight! It should be an exciting day of classes as everyone prepares for tonight.

Along with the typical excitement of camp, today will be the first part of the annual exchange program with the Amish. This afternoon, several Amish teenagers will come visit the camp and participate in some fun activities with the rest of the campers. They will be with us until tomorrow. Next session, the CITs will complete the exchange and spend a couple days with the Amish community. We are so excited to have them here, but out of respect, there will be no photographs with the visitors.

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost half way through the second week of second session, but it’s difficult to feel sad with the sun shining brightly over us for the third day in a row.

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