Last Full Day of Classes

The sun is out AGAIN! That makes four days of sun in a row, which is a big deal considering it normally rains at least once a day. Today the 3rd and 4th period classes will have their final classes for the session. Talent show last night was amazing and it included acts such as singing, gymnastics, skits, laser yo-yo in the dark, and even a special contribution from the ladies of Hands on Horsemanship. This afternoon the Trail Blazers will complete the high ropes course. This morning the CITs and the Amish visitors will be doing the zip line before their departure after lunch. Tomorrow is the superhero themed banquet, which begs the question where have these two weeks gone? At the Council Fire early this session, everyone was asked to think about goals they wanted to set for the session. The CITs reminded us of our goals this morning at assembly and we talked about how we’ve been working to achieve them. The LTs return from their canoe trip today! No one is ready for this session to come to an end, but thankfully we still have two days full of activities and sun.

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