First Day of Classes

The final session of the summer has arrived and things have been off to a great start with our biggest group yet. Today is the first day of classes and this session has a mix of some of the classic CLC classes along with some unique new offerings. There is a brand new class called Chocolate, which is about the history and types of chocolate. There is also Dance/Acrobatics , Field Hockey, Wild Explorers, Quidditch, Water Sports, Tennis, Adventure Boating, Snack Attack, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Archery, Eagle Rock, Trail Blazers and more, not to mention different 5th period choices every day.

At the welcoming Council Fire last night, everyone joined with their clans for some friendly competition, games, songs, and performances. The CITs performed the fire lighting dance and as we watched the fire burn against the backdrop of the incredible sky, everyone set and shared their goals for the session. The Barn Dance is tonight followed by another full day of classes tomorrow and Wednesday we head out on overnights.

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  1. Wow. Those kids sure have a lot of terrific activity choices. Thank you Programming Director!!! Wonder what our son’s goal is for camp….make some new friends? learn Quidditch? Go Mountain Biking? Ask a girl to Dance? :} Thanks for the updates and photos. Parents sure love it!

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