Never a dull moment, always something to be grateful for

As another full day of classes wraps up, we give thanks for a beautiful day of sunshine and only a few sprinkles in the morning!

Trailblazers had fun learning how to flip in kayaks and make their own individualized t-shirts, Eaglerock went for an exhilarating run to Rock Run (a waterfall a few miles from camp), Quidditch and Soccer classes played great games, Snack Attack (cooking) class learned how to cook a Greek dish and how to speak some Greek words, and so much more! Fifth period class options today included Fishing, Arts and Crafts, Archery, Sobee (Soccer-Frisbee), a Barn Party, learning Russian, juggling, and more.

Tonight one of our counselors prepared readings for our Testimony Meeting, centered on the theme of loving our neighbor. The readings were short, so as to give enough time for everyone to testify – and testify they did! There was not a single moment of silence, as campers and staff popped up one after another. There’s something about being surrounded by your peers, and maybe witnessing the exact healing that they are testifying about, that makes Wednesday night church at camp really special.

Tomorrow we will all head out on our 3-day overnight trips! Join us in celebrating these unique adventures, as we discover more about God, His creation, and each other. We will all be hiking to various spots in and out of camp, expressing unity, strength and joy. Eaglerock will be going the farthest – driving all the way to the Catskills for a rewarding hike through the mountains, Trailblazers will do the ropes course, hike, have an inspirational talk with the camp practitioner, and do various other team-building challenges, while everyone else will be hiking to beautiful spots – some next to streams, waterfalls, and great views of the Endless Mountains.

Please excuse our “silence” on the blog over the next two days while we are out on these trips. We’ll report back soon!

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  1. Lovely report! And I have such fond, fond memories of my trips to Rock Run, including an all night fireside vigil, swimming in the chilly water, seeing foxfire and more. As a counselor I led a group on a three day outing in near constant rain. We were the only group to stick it out the full time, and proudly received a plaque in our honor. It’s all about enjoying the moment and seeing the good. The woods glisten! in the rain.

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