Great Day for Classes

After three days of quiet around CLC property, camp exploded with sounds of joyous reunion yesterday afternoon. The dining hall was full of cheer and laughter as everyone shared stories from their overnights at the Thanksgiving dinner feast. After dinner, we played “Wheel of Destiny,” where counselors were tested to see if they could answer questions about the overnight with the same response as their campers. Counselors who answered incorrectly had to face the fate chosen by the Wheel of Destiny, such as singing songs, hugging dogs, dancing with a dino, or smelling girl’s head counselor Marissa’s armpit/feet (good thing she showered).

Each cabin had the opportunity to come on stage and share some of the best moments from their trips. Stories of singing, eating, swimming, playing, and laughing were unanimous among the groups. All three days of the overnights were sunny and clear, without a single drop of rain. It has really cooled down around camp in the mornings and evenings, but the days remain sunny and warm.

This morning, our beloved 3A campers (campers who come for just the first week of the session) will depart from camp. We were so happy to get to know all of them this session and can’t wait to see them back here next summer! As for the rest of us, today is a full day of classes with Vespers tonight. Vespers is a great time to share musical talents and poetry. It is a more quiet version of the Talent Show, which is tomorrow night.

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