Banquet & Packing Day

Today is full of energy and enthusiasm after last night’s Silent Council Fire. The clans competed in the final games of the summer in hopes of gaining more points before the winning clan of 2013 is announced. After an epic fire lighting ceremony, the entirety of camp circled round the fire and shared gratitude for the session. A new event was introduced at this Council Fire where one staff member and one nominated camper from each clan run around the lake together. Together, the rest of the clans welcome all of the runners back with cheers and support. After the deeply touching gratitude sharing, each cabin headed back in silence until this morning. Last night was also the ceremony for the new recipients of the Crimson Arrow award. The Crimson Arrow is achieved by accomplishments in archery, wilderness knowledge, and many other aspects of camp.

If last night was the time for reflection, today is the day for celebration. Despite the rain, there is a great Vikings and Dragons banquet in store for tonight. In the meantime, classes are having fun in the mud for their last morning of classes. Tonight after the waterfront banquet will be the candle ceremony to put a finish on a remarkable summer full of healing, friendship, and neighborly love. We are so grateful to everyone who was a part of camp this summer.

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