Staffing Changes at Crystal Lake Camps

September 4, 2013

After three years of dedicated year-round service to Crystal Lake Camps, today we are announcing that Tim and Jasmine Holzworth have decided to resign their roles and move on to new adventures in their personal and professional lives. Those who have had the opportunity to work with them know that it will be difficult to put into words the value their service has brought to CLC.
In the fall of 2010, Tim and Jasmine moved to Crystal Lake to work year-round on our small, tight-knit team that keeps the programs running and the property operational. Their love of the camp program and their deep metaphysical support of Crystal Lake have made a tremendous difference in the lives of the staff and campers who have come to camp, and their impact will surely be felt for many years to come.

Tim_web_sizeTim started working summers at CLC in 2002, and during this time has served as a cabin counselor, program instructor, LT and CIT Director, and Program Director; more recently he was the Assistant Camp Director for us beginning in 2008, and for the past few summers has been the Camp Director – overseeing the operation of the program as well as the camp property.
Tim’s love of working with children and his clear and obvious dedication to Christian Science have made him an exceptional and very capable team member, always leading the charge in his humble and very skilled ways. He has a deep level of compassion and care, and his joyful love for the outdoors and infections enthusiasm for camp activities has been truly remarkable. It is these qualities (and more!) that have made Tim’s contribution and support of the spirit of CLC over these past several years so noteworthy. He understands well how to make the community function, and is as good at organizing people and programs as he is at taking time with the youngest child to be sure they are well nurtured and have their needs met. It is no small feat to understand how to support the entire spirit of an intentional community like CLC, and Tim has done this with such grace and love, he has left a lasting impression on every person that has come to our camp.

Jas_web_sizeJasmine came to CLC as a camper for many years in the 90’s and very early 2000’s. Then in 2002, she started on summer staff, and over the years has served CLC as a cabin counselor, program instructor, LT Director, CIT Director, Program Director, Communications Manager, and Assistant Camp Director. Also of note, her family, while living in Mexico for her father’s correspondent job at the Christian Science Monitor, helped to bring the early groups of campers from Mexico, an effort which continues to bless CLC through several new Mexican campers each summer (you can read these past blog posts for more information about this aspect of CLC’s history). Jasmine has always had a specific interest in CLC’s international camper program, and her love for camp as a venue in which cultural exchange occurs between the community members from all around the world has continued to support our growth in bringing in new international campers each summer.

Jasmine has brought to CLC a great understanding of the impact that the camp program can have on children, having been acutely touched by it herself as a camper. She has a deep love of Christian Science, and is already in the part-time practice of Christian Science, serving as a healer to many. Her healing presence has been an integral part of camp for the many years she’s been working with us at CLC. Never one to back down from a challenge, she proves to me time and time again that we are all capable of doing more than we think we can. And she does everything with a sense of attention to detail and care for being sure that CLC is putting on its very best for every camper, staff, and guest that comes to visit us on ‘the mountain.’

I support them whole-heartedly in their moves to new endeavors in life, though they will be deeply missed. Tim and Jasmine, from my heart, I thank you for your years of dedicated service, and I am so eager to see what next steps happen in your lives.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire CLC family, we wish you our best, and are so grateful for all you have given.

With that, we are also announcing that we are hiring for the Camp Director and Communications Manager roles. These are both year-round roles that specifically support the mission of Crystal Lake Camps, “to promote spiritual growth in campers and staff and through them bless the world.” We’re a small team that does a lot, and are looking forward to the next individuals who will be part of this core group. Please feel welcome to download a job description for each role through the links below, and please be in contact with me ( for any questions or if you have suggestions for possible candidates for either position. Any interested individuals should email me their resume and a cover letter as soon as possible.

With gratitude to Tim, Jasmine, and the entire CLC community,
Nathan Bowen
Executive Director

Camp Director Job Description
Communications Manager Job Description

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  1. Tim and Jasmine, Nathan said it all. You both are a treasure. You’ve helped so many. You love so much. Thank you for sharing your love for Christian Science with us.

    Polly Kimani, Alex, Amanda and Ashley Kamau.

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