Camp during school!

Happy first few days back at school, everyone!

We here at camp have been thinking of you, knowing that all the spiritual growth gained while at camp is just continuing on and blessing so many classmates, teachers and friends.

Remember those assemblies at the end of each session, when we talked about how you can take what you’ve learned at camp and *bless* the world with it? Now is our chance! Earlier today I was talking with Zoë Mahler, at CIT this summer, about this topic – about going back to our “normal lives” and carrying the blessings of camp with us, to give to others. She said it so well:

Zoë with one of her campers this summer.

Zoë with one of her campers this summer.

“At camp I’m not afraid to go up to anyone and talk because everyone is so caring. But it’s not just like that at camp. People are caring everywhere. So I’ve made a lot more friends in the past years because I haven’t held back in introducing myself. Also I read an article once when I was little saying that instead of HAVING a good day we should try to GIVE a good day. And if we’re helping others have a good day then we’ll have a good day as well. I’m an assistant teacher in a fourth grade class this year and I’ve found that all it takes is a smile and a hello to make their day. Even the smallest amount of love can go a looooong way.”

And as it turns out, we weren’t the only ones thinking of you this week – The Mother Church put out a whole week of Daily Lifts about going back to school, and included Tory Silver’s (LT Leader at CLC this summer!) testimony in the back of My Bible Lesson!

Click here to read Tory’s fantastic write-up about starting a new school and finding substantial friendships. And click here to listen to Lifts about your best friend, expectations of the school year, expressing yourself freely, interacting with classmates and more.

Drop us a message here or on Facebook and let us know how your school year is going so far! And we’re always looking to feature some up-and-coming writers on our blog 🙂 Write us an email with something you’ve learned at camp and are continuing to practice now!

As a bonus – check out the beautiful video compilation that Zoë made about camp this summer:

Thank you for reminding us with this video, Zoë, of the joy and freedom we experience at camp. It’s universal and must be shared!

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