The Christ in Christmas and at Camp

Sue Holzberlein is one of camp’s practitioners! This Christmas she again listened to the Spirit of Christ that we celebrate and had this wonderful spiritual inspiration to share with us! Read on!







As I have been prayerfully preparing for Christmas this year, Mrs. Eddy’s hymn “Christmas Morn” (hymn settings 23-28) has moved my thought.  In that hymn we are reminded that the Christ is “forever here and near”, is a “God-idea, Life encrowned”, a “gentle beam of living Love”.  This Christ is with us all year-round.

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We are strongly reminded of the Christ when the birth of Christ Jesus is celebrated, but we know that the Christ exists always – before and after the human life of Jesus.  We have evidence of this in the Bible story of the 3 Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when, in the fiery furnace, a fourth entity appears with them and King Nebuchadnezzar said (Dan 3:25) “the form of the fourth is as the Son of God”.  We see the Christ expressed throughout Jesus’ conception, birth, healing and teaching, and we see it in the revelation of the Science of the Christ to Mrs. Eddy, and in the documentation and demonstration of the Science by Mrs. Eddy.  We also see it in the spiritual healings that we each have in our daily lives.


The Christ is new born in our experience every time we are touched by joy, healing, grace, and an expanded sense of God’s love for His idea man.  Camp is a wonderful place to see and feel the presence of the Christ at any time of year and perhaps we see the Christ especially clearly at camp because there are so many Christly qualities demonstrated at camp, such as healing, spiritual growth, beauty, joy, activity and friendship.






No matter what time of year you are (or were) at camp remember that all the Christliness, in other words the “Christmas”, which you experience at camp stays with you always – where ever you are – throughout the year.

To each of you “gentle beam[s] of living Love”, Merry Christmas! Hope to see you at Camp soon!


That’s Sue Plunging last year 2012!!


Thank you Sue! And we hope that you’ll all be coming out for Winter Camp!! Our Plungers for the “Polar Plunge Challenge” 2013 will be there!!! It’s not too late to join us or to Pledge! Come join in the cold fun and relax around camp, warming up in front of it’s fireplaces, enjoying the snowy views. Have a Merry Christmas!!

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