Fun “Signs You Were A Summer Camp Counselor”



This is a fun read that a blog by Holland Carey has put out. Surprisingly 😉 we are not the only camp counselors experiencing an amazingly strong-bond at a summer camp like Crystal Lake.

Instead, there are others who have experienced common signs of being a summer camp counselor. It is a very unique opportunity that the minority of kids around the US share, and/or the World. Which means we can only be more grateful!

Here’s our favorites from the list:

You looked forward to the summer time more than anything else. But not because of swimsuits and parties and whatever everyone else in the world did when school was out, but because you got to go live at your favorite place in the world with approximately 30 of your best friends.

You still have a pretty awesome costume collection in a trunk somewhere.
As it turns out there is a shocking shortage of opportunities to dress up for lunch on a random Wednesday in July or an 80s Prom.

You remember strongly the way it felt to arrive at camp on the first day of a new summer. 
Driving down that familiar road with the anticipation and excitement of a kid on Christmas morning.

You have the ability to make up hand motions to literally anything. 
And you find it difficult not to still do this in real life.

You genuinely miss talking to campers…
And truthfully, you actually learned so much from them.

You probably have at least one 80s pop song that you can still hear echoing in your head after all these years.


You would probably give just about anything to have your favorite camp meal right now.

Really just camp songs in general. 

Why don’t people sing all the time in real life?

The thought of whatever body of water your camp was on makes you want nothing more than to run down the pier and jump in the water with all your clothes on. 

You remember the way it felt to watch a summer storm roll in on the bay, or whatever body of water your camp was set on. 
You can still hear the rolling echo, smell the warm, humid air, and see the campers scurry to find cover as you take it all in for a brief passing moment.

You know that the days when you let yourself enjoy the sunrise were always very special. 
There is nothing quite like watching camp wake up and looking forward to what’s yet to come.

Some of the strongest emotions you have ever felt were during the serious times at camp. 

Candlelights and meditation and acoustic guitars still give you chills.

CLC Blog Signs Post Candle Gif







The smell, sound, and warmth of a campfire is probably one of the most comforting things in the world to you. 

“If you were fortunate enough to have a place like this to call home, then I know you know just what I mean. Being a camp counselor is unlike anything else in so many ways. Summer is rare, and passionate, and beautiful. It is pure magic. Though we all have to grow up at some point, you never really stop being a camp counselor, do you? I am willing to bet that you are probably on your way to becoming an emerging leader in whatever path you have chosen to go down in your personal and professional life. Because we are a special breed, people. We know how to work hard for little pay with almost no sleep, handle large amounts of responsibility, multitask, play several roles at once, entertain large groups of people of all ages, and most importantly – we know how to not always take ourselves so seriously all the time. Camp is a refuge. A cult. An escape. A home. I sincerely hope that yours is a place that you can revisit from time to time to refresh and to remind yourself who you are, who you want to be. But if it’s not, I hope the memories are enough to revive whatever fire you had inside of you that kept bringing you back to such a special place. Never grow up.

Now go call your camp friends. The bond you have with those people is rare. Don’t ever let yourself forget that they know a part of you that was raw, real, and happy. In the best kind of way. After all, they shared that mountain top with you.”

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