Why is Camp so GREAT and Being a Counselor SO valuable?

If you’re still debating on coming to camp, remember these ways camp gives such an incredible and invaluable experience.

From your Crystal Lake Camp counselors and staff…

Kendra Scott (Counselor/LT)


Kendra out in the field in front of the main gate.

Full on belly laughs, hard work, amazing conversations, endlessly starry nights, seeing others grow, fog on the lake in the mornings, everyone gets to be free and childlike.

Jason Mcentire (Counselor/LT)


Jason in the middle, juggling.

Camp is unconditional love, child like spirit, joyous activities, spiritual growth, one with nature 🙂

Wendy Silver (Camp Mom)


Wendy and her daughters Tory and Alice at camp, celebrating “Viking Banquet” at the end of the session.

Seeing and expecting the best and more in everyone! Constant Love, humor, talent, beauty, support, kindness, honesty, cleverness, creativeness, challenge and growth. Forest, friends, fun, and dancing!

Nathan (Natious) Wright (Counselor/Boy’s Head Counselor)


Camp is important because of the environment of complete love that is fostered there, because of happy memories created, because of the friends you make. Camp helps you grow, express, love, laugh, and do good. It brings you closer to God, and thereby foster deeper relationships with the people around you.

Dawn Marie-Cornette (Practitioner)


There’s always a way to help others, and in the process, you learn how much courage, intelligence, beauty, and goodness you have within you, and how easy it can be to show others they have the same in them.

Alice Silver (Counselor)


I think camp is an amazing experience where you can be completely yourself no matter what and it’s a place where there is constant growth in doing stuff you never would have done otherwise, even as a counselor. Things i’ve picked up from camp have helped with so many things throughout my life.

Tory Silver (Counselor, LT)


I love camp because you get to be exactly who you are and be so loved because of it. The only thing you’re expected to be at camp is you. I mean, camp is the only place where I won’t feel judged for wearing a shirt that’s too pink with a giant sweatshirt underneath while having a blanket tied around me like a toga wearing a ski mask and chanting something like “DINGBAT!” Yeah, I will feel loved.

Becca DeNicholas (Counselor/Eagle Rock)


I love camp because it is Soul expressed. It is mud fights; laughter; horses with mustaches; healings; growth; unconditional love; freedom; bliss. Camp is life-long friends and memories. CLC is seriously ‘the place to be!’

At camp this summer (2014) there will be that same Love, lack of judgement, chances to learn life lessons, chances to find and see more in yourself, learn about God (Love – a synonym of God), laugh with your friends, make new ones, and grow in the memories you make.


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