New Life at Camp

Why did the little baby Rhode Island Red chicks cross the road?


They crossed lots of roads, lots of hills, and up a mountain to make it up here to camp. And now they live in Scott Wade’s (our Site Supervisor) cabin.


They’re a beautiful breed. They move around together in the warmth of their heat lamp, until things get warm enough outside and their coop is built and they get a little older. With a little exercise running up and down and side to side on their sticks and bedding.

DSC_0064 DSC_0062 DSC_0055

Katie (Scott’s dog) at first didn’t notice the little addition of life to the cabin and camp. But you can’t ignore them when they’re right on top of you.


Now you may be wondering why they are here at camp. For Scott this is his effort to live sustainably and to keep more animals living a more natural happy life.

DSC_0069 DSC_0067

So to continue that effort Scott is also going to be growing a vegetable garden.


For now it’s his initiative, and our support, in helping to create a more rounded lifestyle, here at camp. Soon it could grow enough to share with others at camp.



What Scott may grow.

Veggies 3

What the garden could look like.

When you get to camp this summer you may just have a chance to see those chicks in action running around, a little bit older, enjoying the summer just like all of us at camp. Or come earlier, visit and see them in May for Spring Clean-Up Weekend May 2-4, or come up for a session or two this summer, or the whole summer and maybe you’ll be able to learn how to tend an organic garden and take care of some cute chickens, growing healthy great tasting food, and more.

‘Til next week.

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