The Barn Dance and the Beginning

Dear Newtina,

Having wandered into what I now know to be a place called “Crystal Lake Camps” yesterday, after getting lost on my journey through the mountains of this region, I have decided to stay for a little while and observe the natives who inhabit it.

IMG_6110The evening after my arrival they exhibited some unique and boisterous behavior
which they refer to as a “barn dance.” The festivities were tremendous! Games of musical chairs, limbo, and the Macarena. When addressed as ‘you country people” the jubilant crowd would bellow back “YEHAW” and throw themselves into the next dance with great abandon. After the dancing they piled into a wagon-like chariot contraption full of hay and rode around in it while throwing it in each others hair.







I confess I fell deep asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but this morning dawned warm and pleasant and I found myself completely refreshed. After
breakfast I followed several groups of natives through their daily activities. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oh the frisbee! Such agility, such vigor! And the volleyball playing, my friend, I have no words! And the boating lefts me simply buoyant!

After a hearty lunch of chicken patty sandwiches I visited the corral where several individuals had mounted steeds and were riding them around the ring. Their counterparts on the other side of camp were busy stuffing targets full of arrows on the archery range.

I am now off to prepare for a very serious event that is to take place after dinner. The council fire. Here all the individuals in the camp gather to play games, sing songs, tell stories, and light the beautiful bonfire. I am told that everyone at camp is divided into groups, or “clans”, which they will remain a member of for life. The clans are: Bears, Turkeys, Turtles, and Wolves.  I am anxious to find out which one I will be chosen to be in. As I am quite small they may have to order a special size of clan shirt for me. There’s the hopper bell calling us hoppers to set the tables! Off I go!

Your Friend,



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