Wednesday: Around the world and Ice Cream

Dear Newtina,

There really was rain today. But no matter! Here in the mountains the weather comes and goes with the attention span of a gnat.

The morning I spent in the long house with some crafty citizens who were busy decorating shirts with paint and dye and scissors.






I stopped by horseback riding again to see what was afoot. At first I was quite surprised by what was before me. I thought perhaps the riders hadn’t quite grasped the concept of sitting astride their mount.


I soon found however that it was merely a game of “around the world” in which the riders spin themselves all the way around in a circle in the saddle until they again face front.


Nevertheless I was relieved when they started out on a  trail ride with everyone facing the right direction.







They sleep in cabins here, apparently by age and gender but with some of the individuals they call “counselors” residing in each building.

IMG_2849  Last night instead of congregating all together they ventured off in their little cabin families to do separate activities. They call this “bonding” and it seems to involve games, swimming, ice cream, and multitudinous other delightful activities.






Might I recommend that we adopt a similar tradition upon my return home?

Your Friend,


P.S. Tonight is church and afterward we will all sleep soundly.

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