Friday: The Fourth of July!

Dear Newtina,

My apologies for the lack of correspondence. The storms of the past few days have temporarily inhibited my methods of communication. It has also cooled off the air so that the lake this morning steamed an swirled like a cauldron.

Despite the change in temperature spirits were warmer than ever this morning as we were roused by music and cheering for the Independence Celebration! After the morning meal we recongregated for an all-camp competition. It seems that the people known as the “red coats” had stolen the flag and that it must be hunted down and posted with pride, whereupon every member set out in wild, courageous dashes to it’s recapture. The smaller natives teamed up against the larger ones and eventually procured the flag amidst triumphant whooping. I of course watched the shenanigans from a comfortable distance.

After lunch was much more my speed. So many activities to choose from! Basket ball, obstacle courses, volley ball, and the three legged race.

IMG_3251 IMG_3262








Basket ball..


Waterballoon toss!

IMG_3359 2.26.25 PM

And other shenanigans….









IMG_3298My personal favorite was the decorating of patriotic cookies. I made a simply charming patterned one with blue and white stars. These fellows are doing a good job too.


It had already started to get dark and I just about expecting the bell to ring for bed when the most magical events of the day began, taking me completely by surprise. They celebrated in manor most spectacular, and of course I was only too willing to join in! Unfortunately in my enthusiasm I strayed a little too close to the bonfire and I began to dry out! Luckily the lake was right there and I managed to make a leap for the water before any serious damage could be done.







The grande finale was a show of spectacularly designed rockspecitets spewing colored stars. Oh, Newtina, you could not imagine how beautiful it was! All the light reflecting in the beautiful still waters of the lake. I am amazed at the serenity such a loud  spectacle could achieve.




Your friend as always,


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