Tuesday: In which we return home and have a feast!

Dear Newtina, We have returned! Triumphant, giddy, and slightly damp, we marched, straggled, bounced, and rolled into camp this afternoon amid much celebration. Curfews had to be put on the showers and the clothes lines are now heavy with soggy apparel, but all in all it was a a joyous occasion. The wetness and dirt didn’t bother me so much of course, but I did enjoy the enthusiasm of everyone else who were bent of getting clean.

We celebrated the return with a feast of “thanksgiving dinner” and much merriment.

IMG_3720 2






The entertainment for the evening comprised mostly of counselor antics. They were challenged to answer questions about the overnight, such as “What song IMG_3762 2was sung most often on the trip?” If the counselors from the trip came up with a different answer than their respective campers then they were challenged to complete a range of tasks including chicken dancing, chugging water, arm wrestling, and running around trying to hug members of the kitchen staff. It was a rollicking good time. Bed never looked to inviting.


Your Friend,





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