Ballad of Overnights

*to be sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island*

Now sit right back and you’ll hear a tale

A tale of a faithful hike

That started from this little vale

By the shore of this smallish lake.


The campers were mighty hiking folks

The counselors brave and sure

72 venturers set out that day for a three day tour

     A three daay toouuurrrr

Movin' out

Movin’ out








The weather may attempt to rough

Our camping tarps be tossed

But all have the courage of a fearless crew

And we shall not be lost.

     We shall not be lost

Distributing group gear

Distributing group gear









For we’ll bivouac upon the shore

Of some uncharted site

With hiking boots

The backpack too

The TP bag

And the trowel

The cooking pot

The bear bag and smores and jam

Here, on the over night hikes!

Preparing for Mountain  Biking

Preparing for Mountain











So this is the tale of our venturers

They’re here for a long long time (but not as long as they make it out to be)

They’ll have to make the best of things

It’s an uphill climb


The campers and the counselors

Will do their very best

To make each other comfortable

In their Appalachian nest

     Their Appalachian nest

Let's go already!

Let’s go already!








No phones, no lights! no motor cars

Not a single luxury

Like the great Sir Edmund

It’s primitive as can be

Preparing for lunch on the trail

Preparing for lunch on the trail








So join us here each day my friends

You’re sure to get a smile

From 72 venturers

Here, on the over night hiiiiiikes!


*chick boom*


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