Little Olympics Pt 2

Round TWO of the CLC Little Olympics and you guessed it! It’s WATER SPORTS (and other fun and often food related games!)

Games like the high jump!







And Dragon Tails (an aquatic version of flag foot ball, this sport involves teams of several swimmers in a chain of inner tubes trying to steal the tail off other teams amidst much splashing!)







And speaking of splashing, let’s look in on everyones favorite canoe snaking contest! All members of each clan gather around a canoe and splash water into it until it sinks! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE FUN!?!



The answer to that is “nothing” ladies and gentlemen. It’s the undisputed “most fun.”



Now lets take a look at some gold medal contenders in the watermelon eating contest “awesome” category…


Just look at that technique. Flawless. And check ou the style points, the judges are going to really take that use of mandibles into account.



And finally a rousing bout of TUG-O-WAR!



This is a classic event folks, and you see how popular it is with the athletes and spectators alike? Just beautiful.


And now I’m hearing the points are in and..what’s this? THE TURKEYS ARE THE VICTORS! That’s it everyone, the turkeys come out a few points ahead in this years events and what a time was had by all. Thank you and goodnight, and to those of you tuning in from at home make sure you don’t miss out next breath-holding installment….about the coolest place at camp. 

Good night all you lovely people!!!

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