Winter is coming!

Halloween has come and gone, and you can’t help but notice the immediate scramble to get Christmas decorations up and holiday tunes playing when walking through a store.  Even before Halloween, big name shops had Christmas lurking in the back corner of their stores waiting for November 1st to come.

Now I know that there are two very different reactions to all this hubbub.

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On one hand, you have the holiday enthusiasts who literally count the weeks until December 25th long before November.  On the other, you have those who roll their eyes in annoyance at everyone who blatantly ignores Thanksgiving to “oooh” and “ahh” at wrapping paper and tinsel.  I stopped by a store the other week and they had – I kid you not – live Christmas trees out.  I wonder if they realize that once you cut a tree down, it’s only a matter of time before it turns into the sad twig of a tree from “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Regardless of when people choose to start their yuletide festivities, there is one thing for certain:  winter is coming.  In the past week, we here at Crystal Lake have seen the tell-tale signs of frosty weather creep in.  On November 7th we posted a photo to our Instagram of snow falling.  Unfortunately, the sun soon came out and melted it. It wasn’t until last Friday that snow actually stuck, and since then we’ve had frozen branches, icy rain, the works.

Panoramic of Crystal Lake just the other day

Panorama of Crystal Lake just the other day

So, with all this talk of snow and winter, it’s time to start pulling out our mittens and hats to go cross country skiing!

Old photo of the ski slopes at CLC.

Old photo of the ski slopes at CLC.

The Ski Center was started by Joe and Dottie Alford back in 1971, and since then CLC has become a popular cross country ski area for Pennsylvania locals.  Have you ever considered bringing your family up to camp to go skiing?  You don’t even have to own a pair skis, because there are plenty to rent, and if you want to stay for more than a day, you’re also welcome to rent a room or cabin here.  CLC Ski Flickr

Come ring in the new year with your camp friends and family at Winter Camp 2014!  Last year was incredibly fun and it just gets better and better every year.  You can be sure to expect a lot of laughs, fun in the snow, games, and sitting by a good ol’ fashion crackling fire toasting marshmallows.

Jenn Ritter fully realizing what she has gotten herself into.

Jenn Ritter fully realizing what she has gotten herself into.

Because it was so successful last year, we will be doing another Polar Plunge Pledge Challenge!  Long-time Crystal Lake camper and counselor, Logan Landry helped take a Winter Camp tradition and turn it into something especially meaningful.  15 brave plungers helped raise $2,955.00 for camp by jumping into a freezing cold Crystal Lake.  Employees from the local Kathy’s Cafe enthusiastically participated in the plunge as well!  Details about the Polar Plunge Pledge Challenge  will be available on the website soon.  If you’re interested and just can’t wait to be a part of this fantastic (and chilly!) experience just send us an email.

So be sure to think about camp when making your holiday and winter plans.  We love keeping that summer spirit alive year round and especially enjoy seeing our CLC family in every season of the year!

Get your spot for winter camp!!Click here to register!!

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