“Think warm thoughts!” – a summer reminiscence

With all the snow we’ve been getting at camp, it’s sometimes easy to forget how spirited the summer sessions are with everyone running around and jumping in the lake.  So get ready to be transported to summer yesteryear as we’ve asked some campers, staff, and alumni what they most miss, look forward to, or love about CLC summers!


Seeing all the storms/sunrises/sunsets and the starry nights.  ~Andrew B.

Girls camp testimony meetings.  I also love all the random improv games we play together.  These experiences create a sense of home and spontaneous sharing that effect all of us from the youngest to the oldest.   ~Sara S.

The thing I miss the most about camp is the loving family atmosphere that exists in every part of camp. There is no place I would rather spend a week with my family! ~Melissa B.

I think that swimming class is something that I miss about camp, and council fire too! ~Kevin A


I miss spending time on all the peaceful trails. They are a great place for thinking and reflecting. ~Daniel B.

I miss visiting the wonderful Amish with my Pals.  ~Enoch J.

Swimming in the wide open lake, being surrounded by trees and the sun slowly setting above us, giving us a glimpse of a sunset.  ~Shelby B.

Camp is a wonderful reflection of God’s love. Everything about it is a constant reminder of His love for us all! ~Jason B.

Being in an environment of love and kindness ~Liam P.

Friendship! ~Anh V.

I know most people would say this, but I miss the friendships. The friendships you develop at CS camps are different in my experience mainly because of the loving and judgment free atmosphere.  ~Liam F.

There’s no one near me where I live that are Christian Scientists so I love the people at camp because we have a spiritual bond.  ~Larisse K.

Backpacking to the awesome views near camp. ~Paul K.

I miss the smell of ferns in the summer and fresh, cold air in the winter. ~Jasmine H.

The kids – their smiles, their trust, their love. ~John K.

Picnic supper, and overnights, and being outside all the time! ~Claire M.

I love being on the trails at camp! Spending time with the really fun counselors is awesome too!  ~Caitlin B.

Making doggy chow in the cooking class            ~Casey S.

Personally, I miss walking along the road to the dining hall, that and looking out at the lake. ~Nathan W.

Trail riding on the horses.  It’s one of the most peaceful and enduring memories I have of CLC. ~Ginger N.

Sitting on the back porch of the lodge …  all the people …     THE LAKE!  ~Tatianna P.

I love how simple it is to get close to God because there are no other distractions and it’s so easy to see god’s work. ~Kate L.

Waterfront rules, Gaga, getting to wear summer clothes.           ~Rex N.

We’d like to know what you think too! Let us know in the comments below what you look forward to at camp this summer!

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