Sure signs of summer with Spring Clean Up!


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After wrapping up Spring Clean Up last weekend, I can now say I have survived my first year here at camp!  It’s an interesting feeling, as on one hand it feels like it’s been longer, and on the other hand, I feel I haven’t been here long at all.  What I can say without a doubt is that I love CLC.

Scott & Paul putting in the new windows at Alford Hall

Spring Cleanup has got to be one of my favorite activities here it camp.  It stands for and accomplishes so much more than just cleaning up.

For camp it means a makeover.  Changing from a closed up winterized hard shell to an opening of cabins to new breezes and flowers and birds.  The Lodge and Dining Hall get their summer screens put on, or in the case of the Dining Hall – completely new windows!  The flower beds are already starting to bloom, the docks and boats all get moved out,  the heat gets turned off, and it’s impossible not to get excited for the upcoming summer.

treeline blank copyFor the participants it means a weekend outdoors, in a place that you love, giving back to the camp and getting a sneak preview at any new changes that might be coming for the summer.

But for those of us living year round at camp, Spring Cleanup comes at a perfect time, right when it’s needed most.   It’s a time in which we have been hibernating in our cabins, similar to the black bear, and the time has come to wake up. Spring Clean Up is a reminder that yes it is finally spring, we can come out of our cabins, air them out, see all our friends and revel in their enthusiasm, joy, and love for camp, and it jump starts our own passion for camp. That passion of course has always been there, but it’s like a fire’s coals that have been banked for the night.  Spring cleanup is what comes along in the morning and brushes away the ashes and dirt on top and tosses that kindling on those coals, creating a burst of flame which in no time at all will be ripping and roaring just in time for camp!

I want to thank everyone who participated last weekend in Spring Cleanup and I can’t wait for this amazing summer which is fast approaching!

Untitled-5Much Love,

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BJ Thompson, Camp Director




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