A CIT Reflects on a Great Summer



Ava (left) with fellow-CIT Elizabeth (right)

Greetings, CLC community!

My name is Ava, and this summer I completed the counselor-in-training (CIT) program at Crystal Lake Camps.

I have been attending CLC summer camp since I was ten years old, and with each summer comes new healings and blessings. As a CIT, I lived in cabin with campers, helped facilitate classes, lead quiet hour, attended a CIT class to learn how to become a counsellor, and helped with tasks vital to the function of camp. During second session, I stayed in Kiya, which is the cabin for the youngest girl campers. Though I was slightly apprehensive at first, the girls taught me something new everyday. It was nice to have a constant reminder that in my life, it is okay to “become as a little child” and embrace ever-present joy.

As a CIT this summer, I was also blessed with the opportunity to help teach a beginning swimming class and a climbing class, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. During the swimming class, it was exciting to see the pure energy the students displayed, no matter the task at hand. I also enjoyed watching each camper’s progress during both swimming and climbing. With the help of Christian Science each camper made incredible strides in both activities and breached their comfort zones.

During the third session at camp, I had the pleasure of living in Atira, which is home to girls age fourteen. This was simply an extraordinary experience. Since the girls were only three years younger than me, we could relate very well and share our experiences in Christian Science. My favorite thing about being in Atira was participating in their quiet hour, reading the Bible lesson every morning. I was impressed with the girls’ devotion to Christian Science and their appetite to learn more about their relationship with God. The sisterhood displayed during these two weeks was also profoundly apparent through the selfless actions the girls expressed each day. They sincerely inspired me to live a truly selfless life.


During session three, the CITs were given the opportunity to plan classes of our own. Two of my fellow CITs and I created a class full of life: Epic Adventures. We had seven fearless women join our class, all full of excitement. Each girl discovered something new about herself during these two weeks. It was very rewarding to see an idea spark into a class, and then into an overnight. By watching each camper challenge themselves and grow spiritually, I am inspired to live with a constant sense of adventure.

On the whole, planning classes, living in cabins, and witnessing the spiritual progress of campers was incredible and truly priceless.

Over the course of the summer, I especially enjoyed working with the metaphysical theme for the summer: “Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 192). As a CIT, I focused on providing unselfed love to the campers, staff, and my fellow CITs, thus teaching me that wherever love is being expressed, God is present and loving his children. I also learned that when pure and loving motives are at the helm of thought, no harm can be done to God’s children. It became apparent in every activity that unselfed love and care radiated through every camper.

I am sincerely grateful to witness the power of divine Love at camp this summer. Crystal Lake Camps is a magical place full of Life, Love, and light. I am grateful to call camp home each year and I look forward to giving back next summer!

CIT class of 2015

CIT class of 2015

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