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This week’s blogger Lindsay with her husband Mark

Our relationship began four years ago. Mark and I felt compelled to get involved with a Christian Science youth camp and decided to check out Crystal Lake Camps first as it was the closest to us. We saw that they had an upcoming Fall Clean-up Weekend and, although we had never been there before, promptly signed up. It was love at first sight and our relationship with CLC has been a big mutual blessing ever since.

We attended clean-up weekend again this year and soaked up the beauty of the fall colors and the love of all the others helping out. It is so satisfying being able to help with the various tasks, such as putting up all those storm windows in the Lodge. Other jobs that I got to do this year were cleaning out the three-door kitchen freezer, straightening up the boiler room, and scrubbing clean the plastic tablecloths that were used for carving pumpkins over Alumni Weekend. I love being able to help CLC in any way – I just don’t know who’s getting blessed more, camp or me!

It was clear that BJ, Scott, and Nabo had put in a lot of effort preparing the long and very detailed to-do list for the weekend workers. It was fun watching the delight with which BJ would check things off the list. Having the staff so organized was surely a big reason we were able to accomplish so much. Other tasks that were done over the weekend included taking down the teepees, moving the canoes, filling potholes with gravel, and so much more…

Winterizing Scott's truck

Winterizing Scott’s truck

I’d also like to mention the kitchen. When we first attended Fall Clean-up a few years ago, I noticed how everyone pitched in so willingly with meal prep, dishes, and kitchen clean-up after each meal. I was hesitant to volunteer because of course I was a newbie, and what did I know about running the dishwasher, or where to find things, and where to put them afterwards? But I soon learned that it isn’t about what you know or don’t know, but simply about love for everyone, the camp, the weekend – Love rules!  And love means you’re willing to jump in and do what you can and not to worry about messing up. Now I just love how every meal works out with all these willing hands doing what little thing they can, and how every contribution adds up to Completeness. On top of that, it is simply a blast being in the kitchen!


After the beautiful Sunday morning church service in the Lodge, a couple more hours of projects, and after another group effort noon meal, several of us just sat and talked for a long time around a table in the Dining Hall as the weekend was coming to the end. I think I could have sat there all afternoon with my dear camp family, but Mark and I eventually packed up and said our good-byes. Before we left though, we drove up to the stables where Mark took some awesome fall pictures and I chose a big rock (Scott assured me it wouldn’t be missed!) to take home to put in our backyard flower garden to remind us of the special relationship we have with our favorite camp.

Thanks to everyone else who came this year.  Can’t wait to see you all again at Spring Clean-up!


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