Gratitude for CLC staff


Staff week 2015 practitioner John Biggs expresses his gratitude for the staff of Crystal Lake Camps. John currently works as a Resident Counsellor at Principia College.

I love Crystal Lake Camps because I trust Crystal Lake Camps. The staff, while of course not humanly perfect (and they are not asked to be humanly perfect) are honest and exemplary in their striving to live and understand what Christ Jesus, our Wayshower, taught.

I trust Crystal Lake Camps because the staff also know that every single camper, every single parent and every single alumni and supporter are loved by their Father-Mother and therefore the staff love them as well. Even if the staff wouldn’t say they know everything about God and Christian Science, they are devoted to their unfolding demonstrations and supporting others in those demonstrations as well. That devotion uplifts and heals.

I trust Crystal Lake Camps because no matter what comes down the pipeline, your practice of putting first things first prepares you all to see God in action, no matter what. By starting your days with the Bible Lesson and being sure that everyone gets to experience Sunday School at camp, you are building on a rock that will never shake. No matter where the staff and campers go in their lives, their lives will be brighter because of their interactions with the purity of thought that characterizes camp.

I’m so grateful for all that Crystal Lake has brought to my life, but I’m even more grateful to know that so many lives are being uplifted and blessed by the Crystal Lake experience. No matter the session, season, or type of engagement, Crystal Lake Camps embodies, encourages and gives the true naturalness of divine Life. I’m so grateful for the consistency and trustworthiness of this beautiful atmosphere.

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