Terrific Turtle Trivia


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, so it only makes sense to celebrate the greenest of the four clans here at Crystal Lake Camps – the turtle! Here is some terrific turtle trivia you can wow your friends with.


Leatherback Turtle

Did you know…

  • Turtles vary in size, from the huge 8 foot Leatherback Turtle to the tiny 3 inch long Bog Turtle

Bog Turtle

  • The word terrapin comes from a Native American word for “little turtle,” and Box Turtles are a good example of a Terrapin
  • Turtles do not have teeth. They do, however have very sharp beaks
  • A turtle can live for 30 years or more, and some are thought to live as long as 100 years
  • Giant tortoises are the longest-lived of all vertebrates, averaging over 100 years. The oldest on record lived to be 152
Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

  • Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica, in deserts, forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, and at camp!
  • A turtle’s upper shell is called a “carapace” and the lower shell called a “plastron”.
  • There are about 220 species of turtles and tortoises

What is the Difference Between a Turtle and a Tortoise?


  • Tortoises live entirely above water so do not have flippers.
  • Turtles primarily live in water and therefore have webbed front feet or flipper-like fins to make swimming easier
  • Turtles eat both plants and insects (omnivorous) whereas tortoises eat only plants and leaves and other vegetation (herbivorous)

Do you know any turtle/tortoise trivia? Share below in the comments!


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