CLC Has new Ducks!!!

by BJ Thompson

For those of you who were here last year you got to meet Duncan, the amazing duck.  Over the summer he made countless friends and made everyone smile.  He was a constant presence at the waterfront with his insistent quack. I’m convinced that that quack was him laughing at us 🙂



Duncan, the one and only time i got him to stand on my shoulder.


This past fall, Duncan disappeared.  We’re not sure exactly what happened.  One day he was there, and the next he wasn’t.  I’m convinced he flew away, but who knows?  

With the success of Duncan last year I opted to get a set of ducks for this summer as well.  Unfortunately of the first set, one didn’t make it past 24 hours.  On Friday the store finally had new ones available, so as Nathan was heading back up the mountain I had him pick one up.  Apparently you have to buy a minimum of 2, you can’t just buy one, and they had a different type that day – so the newer ones look different.  



The Ducklings new habitat


I currently have three baby ducks running around on my lap as I type this blog.  Two brand new Pekin ducks only a few days old (Duncan was a Pekin), and a Khaki Campbell (the darker one) that is a week and a few days old.  



Typing a blog while playing with the new ducklings


Once they get their feathers and are a bit older, we’ll have to come up with names for them.  I’ve been calling the Khaki Campbell ‘Little John’, after the character from Robin Hood, and the Pekin ducks Yin (the darker of the two), and Yang (the lighter).  But nothing’s final until they get their feathers.  I want their names to reflect them. We’ll see what their personalities are as they grow up.



Yin top left, Yang in the middle, and Little John at the bottom.



On Saturday It was so beautiful outside that I took the little ones down to the beach.



They had fun playing in the shallows, eating the little water bugs that are out and about right now.


IMG_20160402_140747 (1)

I even got them to swim a bit as they tried to swim out to my canoe.



Sunday it snowed, They got cold pretty quick so we only stayed out about 5 minutes.


These little guys are so cute and so much fun!   They can’t wait to meet you all this summer.  Stay tuned on our Instagram account and Facebook for more photos of the youngest members of the CLC family.

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