Healing on Horseback

by Jasmine Holzworth

When I was a teenager doing the horseback riding program at Crystal Lake Camps, I was thrown off a horse. In less than a week I was completely healed of an injured arm and many cuts on my face. This was the first time I understood and proved my prayers for myself, instead of relying on my parents! I’m super grateful I was asked if I wanted to share this healing with you all, because in re-reading it today I realize there’s more to it that isn’t included in the article that was published in the Christian Science Journal at the time (High-school girl healed of injuries from a fall, October 2001). Do you want to hear the “bonus feature” of this healing?

Jasmine and cousin

A young Jasmine with her cousin watching the horses at CLC

At one point in the article, I talked about how I had to go on the photography overnight instead of the hiking one because I wasn’t well enough yet to hike that far. I was pretty grumpy about that. BUT – that photography overnight was AMAZING! We took photos all day and then developed them in a darkroom at night. I loved it. In the years since then, I’ve worked as a freelance photographer for newspapers, been a photographer at a photo studio, run my own portrait business, taken a week long photo course in Santa Fe, and taught photography to campers at CLC. So even though I thought it was the worst thing ever to not be allowed to go on the hiking overnight, I think God had my back. He was definitely introducing me to something that I soon loved just as much as I loved horseback riding.

Jasmine camera

Jasmine clearly still loves photography!

I often think about this healing if I ever doubt God’s help or think that Christian Science might not work in a situation. This healing was so complete and so real to me. Do you have any experiences like that? The ones that are absolutely, without-a-doubt from God? I hope you do, even if it’s just a moment – maybe when you were singing a hymn, or giving someone a hug, or standing in the warm sunshine – when everything just felt right. God is giving us those moments all the time.

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