Games Galore at Banquet

Last night’s banquet was a blast, to say the least. The theme was Family Game Night and though I may have overused this joke on all social media, the games quite literally came to life as counselors and campers dressed as board game characters and – as Joseph so keenly displayed – the game of Battleship itself. There were visits from the Monopoly Man, the Queen of Hearts from our card decks, and even at one point a King walked among us.

DSC_0035The dining hall was decorated to the nines with Alba, our Arts & Crafts Director doing a wonderful job to make us feel we were stepping into a fantasy game of our own. Playing cards towered over us, candy dots from Candy Land hung from the ceiling, and there was even an extra large Scrabble board prepared for the ultimate game. Each table conveniently had a couple of board games already on it from Apples to Apples, Battleship, Jenga, Monopoly – BJ even brought his Disney Monopoly to have a go at – and many many more.

The kitchen was very into the spirit of games and fun, as our pizza slices looked like Dominos, the mozzarella sticks were toppled into Jenga piles, and our brownies for dessert were in the pattern of a checkerboard. The meal was quite fun with the assortment of fun foods and board games to play throughout the night. And then afterwards, some games were played out on the game field as well. There was even a human Pictionary where we displayed our artistic skills (or lack of) to draw some fun camp oriented scenes. DSC_0045

Banquets are always such a great end to the session, and it’s not just because the food is amazing and the dining hall looks like a magical fantasy land. But the best part of the banquet is just looking around at everyone around you and knowing that every single person has contributed to your spiritual growth and memories that you’ll always have for that session. When I was a camper, I distinctly remember Nabo standing up on the stage giving his final session talk about the support camp will always be supplying us, and how God had always had it in his plan for us to be there for that session. It’s such a comforting feeling to know that God put you in your right place to help others and have a great time right in that session.

DSC_0057Today during assembly, we talked about what we have learned at camp this past session that we can then go forward and continue to do throughout the school year. There were a couple answers like making sure to make your bed every morning like in kapers, and trying new things like you do in your classes every day. But at the root of it all, is your Christian Science foundation helping you to go out and bless the world and others, and in turn, bless yourself. It’s always hard leaving camp. I mean, who would ever want to leave such a beautiful and uplifted place? But the beauty of it all is that it’s not just camp that is a beautiful and uplifted place. You are that place. And it’s your duty to bring that uplifted thought and bright smile to all those around you, no matter where you are – America, Mexico, Russia, even Antarctica with all those penguins. That is our camp mission statement after all – To promote spiritual growth in campers and staff, and through them bless the world.

DSC_0086We’ve had an amazing session. The Talent Show will go down in history, our Fourth of July was packed with new fun games we’ll be playing for years to come, and who is ever going to forget our Barn Dance first night and those legendary hay rides? At the end of the banquet, we always have the annual slideshow presentation. This was always my absolute favorite part of the banquet to see pictures of you and your friends through the last two weeks. It’s usually a time for cheering others on and reminiscing back on the good times we all shared. And so by the time the campers finally see it, I’ve gone over this slideshow at least seven times beforehand. I’ve watched it over and over, yet when I watch it with the whole camp and see everyone freaking out and cheering for their fellow campers, there’s always something infinitely more special because you’re having that moment with people who care about camp and each other just as much as you do.

It’s been a great session – sensational even – and we’re all looking forward to the next one. We all can’t wait to see what God has in store for us these next two weeks! DSC_0037

All the Love,


Social Media Director/Camp Photographer

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